Big Commerce Development

Big Commerce freelancer available to hire on template and theme modifications, plugin and extension installations across dev, tech and marketing projects.

Frequently working with, and collaborating on Big Commerce projects. If you need need help with setup, configurating, upgrading and styling Big Commerce, get in touch today. Flat rate of £35 per-hour.

Passionate about solving challenging Big Commerce problems that others find difficult or impossible. A helping-hand for small businesses expand their development and technical resources without having to hire anyone new.

Big Commerce Technical SEO

Do you need support with passing the Core Web Vitals assessment or improving the performance of your Big Commerce powered website?

I can help with the page speed and page experience of Big Commerce. Making the extra effort for a great visitor experience on Big Commerce, search engines will reward that effort with increased organic visibility.

Diagnosing critical issues, quick-wins and opportunities, then prioritising actions based on impact and level of investment. Whether there is a technical SEO issue or on-page issue, reach out today.